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Family Quick GuideFamily Quick Guides to "Removing Head Lice Safely": Easy-to-understand directions on managing head lice.

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Removing Head Lice Safely On-Line Videos

Also Available in Spanish, Arabic & Russian

In addition to English, the Removing Head Lice Safely video is also available in Spanish, Russian and Arabic. Watch all available language versions free on one of our channels:

Available on DVD & Videotape

The Removing Head Lice Safely DVD has English, Spanish, Arabic and Russian languages in one convenient, low-price package. Great for schools, health educators and more

School nurses, day care homes & child care facillities, community educators...

Family Quick GuideRemoving Head Lice Safely on DVD:

English, Spanish, Arabic and Russian language versions on one DVD for $10 plus Shipping & Handling. There is no shipping and handling charges if you are able to pick it up in our office.

Family Quick GuideVideotapes are $3 each (plus Shipping & Handling if mailed). Choose English, Spanish, Arabic or Russian. Continuous loop English versions are also available.

Family Quick GuideOrder Form for DVD's & Videotapes

There is a 10% discount on orders of 10 or more to same address and a discount on shipping. Call 402-441-7180 for multiple orders and pricing.

Also included with each order is a printed "Quick Guide for Removing Head Lice Safety" with combing instructions.

Lincoln and Lancaster County Community Head Lice Task Force:

The Lincoln and Lancaster County Community Head Lice Task Force was formed in 1998 in response to publicity in a local newspaper recommending parents use alternative treatments for head lice. UNL Extension in Lancaster County was inundated with calls and questions from frustrated parents who had tried these treatments without success.

The Community Head Lice Task Force provided educational forums for physicians and nurses. The Task Force also participated in panel discussions on head lice and policy to school administrators. As a result, there were significant changes in school policy and school nurse protocols to start the 1999-2000 Lincoln Public School year. These changes resulted in a 70% drop in head lice cases in Lincoln Public Schools for school year 1999-2000.

Task Force Member Organizations: University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension in Lancaster County | Nebraska Health & Human Services Regulation & Licensure | Lincoln/Lancaster County Health Department | Lincoln Public Schools

University of Nebraska-Lincoln: