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Keeping Families First

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In the Aftermath of War

Keeping Families First

Regardless of your feelings on whether the war was the right thing to do or not, it is important to know that your feelings, and the feelings of your family and friends are legitimate. Every one has the right to own their feelings. It's how those feelings are expressed that must be dealt with. Some people have simply grieved throughout this whole time with concern about the news of injuries, death, losses, and survival even if they did not have family members or friends in the military or serving overseas. Many of those with family members or friends overseas have been glued to the television and news which has affected their lifestyle, including their physical and emotional health. Many people continue to be concerned about terrorism within our country.

There is still work to be done in Iraq and around the world and so people will continue to serve in the military and away from home. So although there may be some closure for some, others will have concerns, fears, and loneliness. It is essential that you know where you stand with these issues and who you may turn to for support if needed. It is important to recognize your feelings and fears and to know you are not alone. One of the most wonderful things about living in the United States is that you have the right to voice your opinion and share your feelings without threat of bodily harm. However, when you share feelings you place yourself in a vulnerable position. You will want to trust the person you confide in or who you ask for advice. During these days, although the end of war is inevitable, there is still unrest and stress. In the aftermath of war, make sure to care for yourself by eating properly, exercising, fulfilling your work responsibilities, and spending time with family and friends. Do what you can to support your family, friends, and coworkers to help make their lives less stressful.


Dr. Kathy Bosch, Extension Family Life Specialist, University of Nebraska Panhandle Research & Extension Center

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