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Times are Tough-What Can I Do to Help Myself?

Keeping Your Family First

Although times are difficult now for many people for many reasons, there are still some things we can do to help ourselves. Economic hardship, drought conditions, and the war situation are stressors that affect many of us. Life is not easy anyway, and when additional stressors are added to the demands of daily life, it can almost seem too much to handle. Each person has a limit with the level of stress that can be handled effectively. Then each person has a breaking point. It is essential that before we get to the breaking point, we stop, do an assessment, and make a plan. The plan may involve some change, getting some help from others, and may involve some difficult decisions. Whatever must be done to avoid a breaking point will vary depending on your personality, your capabilities, and your support network. It essential that you are willing to ask for help from others when you need it. Too often it is assumed that those who love and care for you should be able to read your mind. People cannot read your mind. Let others know how they can help you. Sharing feelings, expectations and concerns puts you in a vulnerable position and so is often avoided. But without this honesty and trust, it will be difficult to develop relationships that build and support you. Knowing your personality, your limitations, and your needs will allow you to better communicate your needs to others. This is especially important to those in your close support network who can help you help yourself.


  • Dr. Kathy Bosch, Extension Family Life Specialist, University of Nebraska Panhandle Research & Extension Center

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