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Keeping Families First

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Strong Families in Good & Troubled Times

Keeping Your Family First

Many families manage to stay strong and happy despite the inevitable ups and downs of life. They are able to pull themselves together to meet challenges. University of Nebraska researchers found six major qualities that contribute to family strength and happiness:

1. Commitment: family members are dedicated to each other's welfare and happiness. Their support is steady through good times and bad. They work as a team, lending a helping hand to each other.

2. Appreciation: strong families frequently let each other know that each person is appreciated.

3. Communication: strong families spend a lot of time in conversation and exchange information and ideas. They discuss small, trivial topics as well as deeper issues.

4. Time together: quality and quantity time go hand in hand in developing strong relationships. Strong families also find a balance between togetherness and individual time.

5. Spiritual wellness:strong families have a sense of a greater good or power in life. That belief gives them strength and purpose.

6. Crisis and stress: when strong families suffer serious crisis and stress, they cry, get angry and are depressed, but they are not overwhelmed. They are able to see some good or opportunity for growth in crisis.

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