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Parenting Resources

Programs are available throughout Nebraska to help meet the needs of families and children

Parenting and FamiliesParenting & Families:

This site features resources on guidance, discipline, child development and building strong relationships. You'll find topics on subjects ranging from tantrums to teething, cuddling to spoiling, Being a Good Neighbor to Dealing with Family Stress.

Just in Time Parenting from eXtensionJust in Time Parenting

eXtension's free parenting eNewsletters are written by parenting experts (who are parents themselves!). They are designed so that information that's relevant to your child is automatically delivered to you just in time! You can also browse past issues

Parenting 24/7

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War & Terrorism: Listening, Talking, Discussing, Making a Difference. Links to resources for parents, families, teachers, clergy and others that work with children.

Fun! Fun, educational activities for the entire family, 4-H clubs or classrooms. MyPyramid game for kids, Journey North - Wildlife Migration, and AutoTown - a new UNL resource to help teens get through the experience of buying their first car and much more.

The educational resources on this site are current, reliable and research-based. You won't find gimmicks or tricks--only science-based information that makes sense and works!

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