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Keeping Families First

Programs are available throughout Nebraska to help meet the needs of families and children

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Keeping Your Family First

The circumstances may vary–it might be a time of financial crisis, the death of a loved one, a divorce, or problems with children. Whatever the circumstances, you may become aware that your neighbor or friend needs help and support. Just being there and ready to listen can be one of the most powerful tools available for your friend to help them get through the stress and crisis.

For the hurting person, there is a sense of being wrapped up in the situation and time slows down as they deal with it. In our busy lives, we tend to be brisk and impatient, but it is important to make some time to spend with a friend or neighbor.

Listen with your heart as well as with your ears. Avoid being judgmental. Allow them to share their feelings with you. They may express pain, sorrow, confusion, guilt, helplessness or anger. It is not your place to judge the legitimacy of these feelings. Feelings are not right or wrong.

Remember confidentiality. When a person turns to you for help, or expresses concern and feelings, they do so in trust. Respect yourself as well as your neighbor by keeping the discussion in confidence. Gossiping to others will trivialize the situation.

Just getting together over a cup of coffee or evening meal may provide togetherness, fellowship and emotional support. This supporting one another can empower individuals to help them face problems and handle the situation.

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