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Laughter - A Good Stress Reducer

Keeping Your Family First

We all need humor and play in our lives. It connects us, lightens our burdens and keeps things in perspective. A hearty laugh makes us feel good, even after the laughter stops. Humor helps relieve stress. It reduces tension and makes us more relaxed.

• Learn to laugh at yourself. Humor reminds us it's ok to be human. Laughter keeps us from taking ourselves too seriously. If we can live with and laugh at our own flaws, we can reduce the stress of not always meeting our own expectations.

• Laugh together. Nothing in this world is perfect. Neither are co-workers, family or friends. Sharing the humor that often comes from imperfections binds us closer together instead of separating us.

• Use humor wisely. Let humor help you share openly and talk about feelings and problems, but don't let it prevent you from dealing with important issues in your life. Don't use humor to embarrass or hurt people.

• Add humor to your everyday life. Take a humor break each day. Read jokes, listen to a funny tape, rent funny videos or watch tv comedies. If you hear a joke you like, write it down or tell it to someone else. Start looking for the silly or funny things that go on around you.

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