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When Income Drops and Expenses Keep Coming

Keeping Your Family First

If you are faced with a drop in income but expenses keep coming it will be important to plan very carefully.

* Make a list of current bills and due dates. Add any emergency needs such as a child's winter coat.

* Develop a list of community resources such as the food bank, resale stores, food stamps, reduced school lunches and heating assistance.

* Write a list of potential ways to add income. Do you have a skill you could use to add income? Can you sell or rent something, using the community bulletin boards, radio call-in shows, the "penny shopper," garage sales or consignment shops.

* Arrange to continue health insurance coverage. In times of stress, health insurance is even more important.

* Negotiate to lower the cost of vehicle insurance. Drop unnecessary coverage. Arrange smaller but more frequent payments.

* Negotiate a payment plan with landlord or mortgage banker. Also talk to the utility company.

* Put the credit cards away. Try not to use them unless absolutely necessary.

* If you can't make the minimum payment on a credit card, call the company and arrange for reduced payments. Sending a reduced payment (as long as it's something) keeps you off the delinquent list of some credit card companies.

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