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Goals: Helping You Stay Focused in Times of Trouble

Troubled Times

All roads look the same to people who don't know where they are going in life. Goals help people overcome obstacles and set positive attitudes. In simple terms, goals are what you want. Goals keep you focused and on the right track.

Here's how to get started setting and achieving your goals:

1. Write down goals and read them aloud twice a day. Hearing the goal in your own voice keeps you focused.

2. Goals should be specific and measurable so you know when you have achieved them.

3. Goals need a time frame. There's no sense of urgency without a time frame.

4. Goals should be achievable. Goals that are unrealistic or far in the future may provide excuses for not trying.

5. Goals should fit your values.

6. You need to use time, money and knowledge to achieve your goals. Decide how you are going to manage these important


7. Find some mentors. Someone you can ask for advice. Someone willing to listen to your ideas.

8. Finally, don't forget to celebrate when you reach your goals.

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