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Weathering Tough Times: Working Smart with Food

Keeping Your Family First

When working hard it's easy to forget about meal planning and taking time for meal breaks. Good nutrition fuels us for all of our activities, even hectic work schedules. When mental or physical work is done, refueling is needed. These tips can help.

Remember breakfast: Eating breakfast makes a big difference in your day. With breakfast you get the energy to jump-start your day. Persons who eat breakfast can avoid mid-morning slumps and will be able to concentrate on their work better.

Take a break: Breaks throughout your work day give you an opportunity to re-energize, and actually be more productive. If a snack is in order, plan foods that provide nutrients as well as energy. These might be fruits, vegetables, small sandwiches, milk, yogurt, and similar foods. Take the opportunity to stretch your arms and legs during break as well. Break times are also a great opportunity to replenish fluids.

Plan a healthy lunch: Lunches midway through your work day will give you the fuel you need to finish the day. Lunch time is a good time to break away from the tasks at hand and get a rest. For an easy lunch break pack your lunch ahead of time. Think about the Food Pyramid and pack foods into your lunch that fit into the basic food groups: breads, fruits, vegetables, dairy, and meat or meat replacers. That type of lunch will give the nutrient boost you need for the day.


  • Dr. Linda Boeckner, Extension Nutrition Specialist, University of Nebraska Panhandle Research & Extension Center

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