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Keeping Families First

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Weathering Tough Times: It's Important to Know Where to Go to Get Help

Keeping Your Family First

Our emotional and mental well-being is just as important as physical health. But too often we tend to ignore this part of ourselves especially during stressful times.

What gets our attention is when physical symptoms occur, and even then we may fail to give these warning signs proper attention. Have you heard the saying, "everybody needs somebody?" This is particularly true when times are tough, because it's harder to take the initiative or the time required to nurture relationships. Family and friends usually provide information and advice, physical or material assistance and emotional support. However, in times of severe stress, family and friends may not be able to offer the depth of help necessary. Mental health counselors, medical staff, ministers, extension educators, and other professionals are trained to assist with problem issues and make appropriate referrals. Talking about our problems doesn't make them go away but it does help us put them into perspective. It gives us a chance to work through some issues with others as a sounding board. Sharing feelings also gives others a chance to know how we may need help. It begins the process of working together to build a more positive future.


  • Dr. Kathy Bosch, Extension Family Life Specialist, University of Nebraska Panhandle Research & Extension Center

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