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Depression - A Common Reaction in Troubled Times

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Depression is a response of your body to overwhelming conditions. It is not the same as feeling a little down. It is a more serious reaction to stress, which may interfere with your life to the extent that you find it difficult to carry out normal tasks.

Depressed people will feel sad, and may cry easily. They may sleep a lot, or be incredibly tired. They may feel that they can't do anything right, may react to situations more intensely than they would if they weren't depressed, and may feel little hope that things will get better.

What can you do to get better?

Talk it out. Find someone you trust and to tell them what you are feeling. Write out your feelings. Move your muscles. Though you may feel like sitting around, get up and walk around in your yard every day. Force yourself if necessary. Find something you can do successfully, even if it is a little thing. Treat yourself to something you like to do. Do not isolate yourself from other people. This can be difficult but is very important or talk to your doctor about medication that can help. Seek a counselor's help to understand your feelings and how to cope.

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