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Family Assets

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Keeping Families First

Programs are available throughout Nebraska to help meet the needs of families and children

Every Family Has Assets

Keeping Your Family First

Families maintain two kinds of bank accounts–one for financial assets and one for relationship assets. When there are plenty of assets in either of these accounts, life seems to go along quite smoothly. However, when assets are low in either account, financial or family bankruptcy can occur.

It is particularly important that the relationship account has regular "deposits" made in order that families have courage to face difficult times. The strength drawn from family assets can help a family survive during troubled times.

The assets that come from within the family include the ability to communicate effectively, settle conflicts in a positive way, manage finances and solve problems. They include a nurturing environment for children, showing love, forgiveness and caring for each other.

Community assets are obtained from outside the family. They may include a reasonable wage from an employer and fringe benefits. Community organizations provide assets such as education, a place to worship and a social network. State and local government have programs for assistance and training in times of need.

If your relationship "bank account" is running on empty, make plans to add to it. Have a weekly family meeting. Celebrate family accomplishments. Think "win-win" rather than "win-lose" to avoid power struggles and conflict. Think of your family as a team working together and growing stronger through the good times and troubled times.

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