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Start a 4-H Club

4-H is UNL's youth development program for ages 5-19. Adult volunteers work with Nebraska Extension staff to support 4-H.

Help Start a 4-H Club

4-H offers a wide variety of opportunities for you to discover your world, your community and yourself. YOU make your own choices and set your own goals!

The Nebraska Extension 4-H Youth Development Program is open to all youth ages 5-18. Through learning-by-doing, youth gain practical skills and develop life skills.

Currently, there are far more youth wanting to be in 4-H clubs than there are clubs. Families are encouraged to help organize a new club -- which is a lot easier than you may think! Starting a 4-H club now gives plenty of time for members to work on projects for next year's county and state fairs.

Club Organization

Clubs range from 4 to 60 members and are led (or co-led) by club leaders -- often club members' parents. Parents are encouraged to attend meetings.

Volunteers are the heart of 4-H. Adult leaders partner with youth members to complete projects.

Club leaders -- Also known as organizational leaders, club leaders coordinate meeting times and agendas. They also are responsible for club enrollment information.

Project leaders -- Clubs may or may not have project leaders who provide leadership for specific projects.

Parent volunteers -- Also known as assistant leaders, provide valuable guidance to youth.

Club officers -- Youth members choose officers to run their meetings.

Over 150 Projects

Nebraska 4-H has more than 150 project areas. Age-appropriate project manuals are written by university experts. Most project manuals have accompanying leader guides.

In most clubs, members complete several projects a year. Some 4-H clubs focus on one particular project area, such as rabbits. Many youth exhibit their projects at the county and state fairs.

4-H Staff Guidance

4-H staff provides guidance and resources to club leaders. Here's a look at Lancaster County 4-H staff and their areas of responsibilities:

  • Tracy Anderson manages all non-animal project areas. This includes clothing, food, home environment, engineering and general areas.
  • Cole Meador manages the 4-H livestock project areas and 4-H Embryology school enrichment.
  • Marty Cruickshank manages the 4-H horse, rabbit and poultry project areas and 4-H school enrichment.
  • Mary Jane Frogge manages the horticulture and conservation project areas.
  • Teri Hlava oversees the 4-H after-school program and assists with 4-H school enrichment.
  • Karen Evasco provides support to all 4-H areas.

Other Resources

Resource materials available to leaders include:

  • Regularly-scheduled leader trainings
  • The Nebline monthly newsletter 4-H pages
  • Lancaster County 4-H Web site at
  • Nebraska 4-H web site at
  • Mailings to club leaders
  • County and State Fair can provide numerous ideas and inspirations for projects!

To Get Started

If you would like to help start a 4-H club in Lancaster County, call 441-7180.

Lancaster County 4-H:

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