Lancaster County Super Fair - 2016 4-H/FFA

Lancaster County Super Fair Aug. 4-13, 2016 - #4hSuperFair

4-H & FFA Events & Exhibits: August 4-7 | 4-H Horse Show: August 1-7

Resources updated as available. Last update:August 2, 2016

Nebraska Extension - Lancaster County 4-H
Lancaster County Super Fair Book Resources2016 FAIR BOOK & MORE
2016 Handouts
4-H Exhibiting: Overview of Exhibiting in 4-H at Lancaster County Super Fair
4-H Clover Kids: How 4-H Clover Kids May Participate in the Lancaster County Super Fair
4-H Contests: How to Enter 4-H Contests at Lancaster County Super Fair
4-H Static Exhibits: How to Enter 4-H Static Exhibits at Lancaster County Super Fair
4-H & FFA Animals: Requirements for County Fair, State Fair and AKSARBEN
For Leaders: Leader's Checklist for Lancaster County Super Fair
Volunteer at 4-H Food Booth
Member Code of Conduct
Volunteer Code of Ethics

2016 Helpful Resources - Static Exhibits & Contests:

2016 Helpful Resources - Livestock, Horse & Companion Animals:
Forms and Resources2016 FORMS:

Forms posted as available

Tips for using online fill-in pdfs:
  1. Save the pdf to your hard drive and open with Adobe Reader (many Internet Browsers are currently having problems with fill-in pdfs).
  2. The "Submit" button will not work unless you have email software such as Outlook. Most people use web email and will need to attach their completed pdf in an email.
  3. If you don't get a confirmation email from us, we did not get your form.

Note: Static Exhibit Tag is not available online because it is a carbon-copy triplicate. Pick up tags at the extension office.

Please read "Tips for Using Fill-In Pdfs" above!
Animal Identification/ Ownership Affidavits:

All Animal Identification/Ownership Affidavits (include Breeding Beef, Breeding Doe, Breeding Sheep, Bucket Calf, Dairy, Dairy Goat, Feeder Calf, Horse, Market Goat, Market Lamb, Market Beef, Market Swine and Rabbit) are available on the Nebraska 4-H Web site at, except:

Livestock ID/Ownership requirements for Super Fair and State Fair/AKSARBEN are spelled out in 2016 Lancaster County 4-H Livestock Checklist
Animal Entry Forms:
Please read "Tips for Using Fill-In Pdfs" above!
Please read "Tips for Using Fill-In Pdfs" above!

2016 Nebraska State Fair 4-H Info

4-H & FFA livestock exhibitors ages 10–18 are eligible to participate at the Nebraska State Fair regardless of county placing. 4-H & FFA youth and their families will be responsible for making their own livestock, rabbit and dog entries online for the Nebraska State Fair. Deadline will be Wednesday, August 10.  Online registration information

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